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  • Jess King

    founder of TNL 58'

    songwriter & passionate connector.

    kindness, grit & music.

    Jess King is a gifted singer-songwriter with a passion for positive impact. Through her music, she reveals her heart and naturally connects with our own. With lyrics that effortlessly relate and vocals drenched in soul, Jess is particularly strong in live performance. Her songs and captivating stage presence radiate hope, sensitivity and strength.

    Music. After graduating from Dartmouth College and 1 year volunteer-teaching in the Marshall Islands, Jess King returned to New York to pursue music. Work led Jess to other major cities around the globe and to receive praise from many notable musicians (including legendary Stevie Wonder). Nearly 7 years ago, a music opportunity landed Jess in Paris for where she fell in love with the City of Lights, where she has since been based.

    TNL 58'. Jess King's passion for positive connection extends beyond music. Also a gifted coach and athlete (sub-3:00 marathoner), she created TNL 58', a personalized and deeply connective high intensity workout with meditation. Launched in Paris in October 2016, TNL 58' takes place as a pop-up workout at boutique fitness studios throughout central Paris and Neuilly, as well as outdoors along the Seine. No less than 10% of all TNL 58’ proceeds is donated to those in need. This aspect is essential to Jess, who is passionate about supporting and volunteering her time and talents to raise awareness and create positive impact.

    Inspiration. Jess King's website, www.nobubblegum.com, is dedicated to inspiring a kickass life through sharing interviews with exceptional people, as well as other empowering content related to wellness of mind, body and heart. A natural leader and activist, Jess King enjoys co-organizing events and bringing people together to promote a healthy, positive and exceptionally awesome life. She also hosts wellness retreats several times annually; join newsletter below to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.

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    Feminin Bio

    "a refreshing and connective workout experience, despite also being a challenge



    "a uniquely inspiring full-body workout that connects with your mind and spirit too .


    Feminin Bio

    "More than a physical workout; TNL 58' strengthens the mind and spirit


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